Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss!

Get back your independence, have more family time, and earn the income you deserve!


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Do you ever feel like:

  • You are devalued in your current job?
  • You have no time for family or yourself?
  • You have to struggle with poor leadership in your workplace?
  • You are underpaid for the amount of work you perform?
  • You could learn how to monetize your current skillset and education and finally say goodbye to the 9-5.
  • Learn how to start a business or get your current business on track to scale and make more money in one day than you make from the security of a bi-weekly paycheck. 
  • Free yourself from poor leadership, lack of pay, sense of worth, and the time flexibility using the same degree and skillset that you thought would land you that 6 figure respectable salary and happy life.

Milestone 1

Discover your GVP (Greatest Valuable Proficiency) by breaking down your industry expertise, skills, education, or interests to help you identify the most profitable, tangible niche for your business. 

Milestone 2

Create your bailout out plan aka “business model”. We’ll work out the details on what services or products you are going to provide in your new business so you can serve others on YOUR terms!

Milestone 3

Determine your financial path to freedom! We will create a realistic budget to help you with the transition from your current job and to get your business set up on a solid foundation for success. 

Milestone 4

Focus on mindset and creating your security bag. Without the proper mindset, making a lifestyle and career change is impossible. I’ll work with you to shift your mindset, create routines, and refocus your goals.

Milestone 5

Get secure and know your value! We’ll work together to price your skillset, education and time to ensure profitability within your business.

Milestone 6

Launch your business! Now that you have built the framework using your service or product to create a unique value proposition, it’s time to launch your business into the world and begin creating sustainable revenue to replace your current income.


I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in which I could help people. This desire originally came to me in the teaching profession, however, after a few years I realized that as prestigious as teachers are to young people, this was not my next career. In the process of going through a painful separation, I found myself sharing my own story and mentoring other young women who were in similar circumstances.

I’ve taken all of my experiences and knowledge and have carefully crafted three programs where I provide women with the tools to tap into their industry expertise and launch not only a profitable business but a sustainable business.

The Professional Women’s Escape Plan is specifically geared towards women, married, with kids, or recently separated, who already have a job, hobby, or skill set that they are looking to take to the next level. The program is ideal for YOU if you have dreams of escaping your 9-5, creating an ideal lifestyle, and building a sustainable, profitable business.


"I help Professional women learn how to maximize their professional experience and education by turning their industry expertise into a profitable business and creating time freedom with financial security."

Kendra KD Thomas, Professional Health Care

I recommend her natural beauty and soul. She's an original educator. She takes the time and learn what she needs to learn so you can be taught what you need to know to help you progress in life and your business as an entrepreneur. She doesn't play and she keeps it real with you.

Shalon Barnett, Professional Life Coach

I had my first ever $500 sale from my program in less than 30 days when I didn't have the confidence to launch!

Leela Diaz, Small Business Owner

I have so much to say! Where do I begin?! Ebone is incredibly motivating, engaging, and an active part of community (both on and offline)! Ebone offers valuable coaching for business owners, and people looking for help with social media content. She assists people in a range of areas - I was drawn most by understanding how to grow my following! Ebone is an innovative leader in business, social media, and will encourage you to be your best at what you do!